Mahakala Puja

Every month according to the lunar calendar, the venerable monks at the Gyuto center perform a Mahakala Puja dedicated to the Center's members, friends and all sentient beings. Mahakala is the in the wrathful aspect of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion. The main role of Mahakala is to fulfill the four enlightened activities of pacifying interferences, increasing favorable circumstances, gaining control over situations and if all else fails destroying obstacles with wrathful force.

Everyone is welcome. All the participants can bring flowers, fruits and candles, etc. for the altar.

The text for the icon Praise of 6-Arm Mahakala can be downloaded from our website.

Mahakalas Discriptions:

migliori piattafor e per trading binarie 60 sec Tara Puja for Long Life

Tara is the principal female manifestation of enlightenment in the Buddhist tradition. She is specifically associated with practices designed to lengthen one's lifespan and overcome life-threatening hindrances. The Four Mandala Offering Ritual of Tara serves as a community practice. As Tara dispels personal and global obstacles, we come together to ensure the ongoing stability of the Center, its community and ourselves.

This puja is led by the Venerable Gyuto monks. Everyone is welcome. Participants can bring flowers, fruites and candles for the altar.
icon Four Mandala Offering to Cittamani Tara text of this ritual can be downloaded from our website.

anonym insättning forex Medicine Buddha Puja for Health

The Venerable Gyuto monks will lead the Medicine Buddha Puja to help people who are suffering as a result of ill health and other personal problems.

The Medicine Buddha practice is extremely powerful and beneficial for the sick and dying, as well as for those who have already passed away. It will also help bring deep and profound benefits to those in the healing profession. If you wish to dedicate this puja to your loved ones please send us the names and photos of your family and friends by email or by mail so that we can include them.

We invite all our members and friends to join the puja for the benefit of all beings.

The text for the icon Medicine Buddha Puja and the icon Medicine Buddha Practice (Sadhana) can be downloaded from our website.

Vajrasattva Practice

The Vajrasattva Practice is for mental and physical purification. It is the most powerful purification practice in daily life. Vajrasattva is the deity that embodies the purification powers of all the Buddhas. If one practices sincerely with the correct motivation, all the negativities we have accumulated in this life and previous lives can be removed.
icon Vajrasattva Practice Text we use at the Gyuto Foundation can be dowloaded from our website. There is also a long icon Vajrasattva Sadhana & Tsog Offering text available.


opcje binarne darmowy depozyt So-Jong Confession Ceremony

  1. So-jong is the act of following one day 'lay' precepts and is a purification ritual. Buddhists follow So-jong on holy days, and full, half and new moon days. The precepts are the same as monastic precepts, except instead of taking them for life, the practitioner takes them one day at a time. They are a very effective way to help train the body and speech of a lay practitioner, which will help with one's meditation practice.

Doing the So-jong practice is one of the three duties of monks and nuns. (The other two are yarne, the summer retreat, and gaye, the ceremony at the conclusion of the summer retreat.) All the Sangha members welcome to join the ceremony but lay members not required to do this practice. Sixteen Arhats Puja

With this puja we call upon Shakyamuni Buddha and the 16 Arhats to continue to shower their compassion and protection upon sentient beings in samsara and ask them not to pass into Nirvana. We praise the Arhats and pray that they bless our glorious gurus with long lives and ask for their help so that the Dharma may flourish everywhere. Participants can bring fruits, cookies, flowers, candles, etc. for the altar.

Everyone is welcome to join the prayers.

White Tara Practice

Tara, the Liberator Mother, is the embodiment of the enlightened wisdom and compassion in feminine form, and one of the most important deities in the Tantric Buddhist tradition. Like a mother caring for her only child, Tara nurtures all living beings with her unconditional love and compassion. In her white form, Tara embodies enlightenment energy directed at healing, peace, prosperity, long life, overcoming of obstacles and good fortune.

A sadhana text for White Tara practice is available for download from this website.

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