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Kyerimpa Studies Anyone entering Gyuto Tantric Monastery directly without first having completed formal studies of sutra texts and a dialectical education must follow the course of studies detailed below and pass examination and tests in these subjects.

1.  Memorization of texts covering around 700 standard folios:     * The first twelve chapters and part of the thirteenth chapter of the Guhyasamaja Tantra.
    * The first chapter of the Chakrasamvara Tantra.
    * The complete rituals of Guhyasamaja, Chakrasamvara and Vajrabhairava.
    * The great ritual cake offerings for six different deities associated with fierce activity.
    * The great consecration.
    * The liturgy of the four Dharmapalas.
    * Miscellaneous texts.

2.  Training in chanting, harmonics and the use of ritual musical instruments:

    * Classical concise and expanded chants and harmonics of the self-initiations, consecration and tantras as well as six new and twenty-five old chats of Mahakala and Dharmaraja.
    * Use of ritual musical instruments such as cymbals, wind instruments and drums.

3.  Drawing, sand design and three dimensional model construction:

kanada viagra     * Drawing the base and constructing the fireplace for the four kinds of activities, peaceful, increasing, powerful and fierce. mandala.gif
    * Drawings of all ritual cake offerings.
       Drawing of the earth deity connected with the positioning of mandalas, buildings and so forth.
    * Two dimensional representations on cloth of the mandalas of the three great deities.
    * Drawings of eight kinds of stupas.
    * Designing and constructing three dimensional models of the mandalas of the three great deities including their symbols.
    * Designing and laying out different mandalas with colored sand.

4.  Preparation and collection of materials and objects of ritual offering:

    * Recognition, collection and preparation of objects required for fire offerings.
    * Preparation of major and minor ritual cakes.
    * Preparation of objects required for self-initiation.
    * Preparation of objects required for consecration rituals.
    * Butter sculpture and their decoration as offerings during the great prayer festival on the fifteenth day of the first Tibetan month.

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