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The Syllabus and Course of Studies Ngagrampa Studies 

Anyone wishing to pursue the study of tantra and sit the examination of Geshe Ngarampa after completing sutra studies and receiving the Geshe degree must follow the course of studies detailed below. * Guhayasamaja Tantra

opzioni binarie economia  * Chakrasamvara Tantra

 * Vajrabhairava Tantra

 * Explanatory tantras on the tantras listed above  * Achrya Nagarjuna’s Summary of Methods of Actualization (pindikrtasadhana),  * His Commentary on the Mind of Enlightenment (bodhichittavivarana)  * Acharya Chandrakirti’s Illuminating Lamp (pradipoddyotana)

 * Je Tsongkhapa’s compendium of four interrelated commentaries on the Guhyasamaja Tantra,  * His Clear Lamp for the Five Stages (rim lnga gsal sdron),  * His Complete Foundation for the Five Stages  (rim lnga gdan rdzogs)

 * His Clarification of All Hidden Meanings (sbas don kun gsal),

 * His Great Exposition of the Stages of Secret Mantra (sngag rim chen mo)

 * Khedrub Je’s explanation of the stage of generation, Ocean of Powerful Attainments (skyed rim dngos grub rgya mtsho),

 * Jetsun Kunga Dondrub’s commentary on Guhyasamaja, Precious Treasury of Instructions (man ngag rin chen gter mdzod)

 * The great master Sonam Dragpa’s instructions on the stages of generation and completion in the practice of Guhyasamaja

 * Gomde Namkha Gyaltsen’s instructions on the stages of generation and completion in the practice of Vajrabhairava

 * Tangsagpa Ngodrub Gyatso’s instruction on the stages of generation and completion in the practices of Guhyasamaja, Chakrasamvara and Vajrabhairava.

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