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The great masters Lhawang Rinchen, Yeshe Tsepa and Chagdruka as well as many other erudite scholars and great practitioners were among Jetsun Kunga Dondrub’s disciples. After completing his life’s work of study, practice and teaching, he passed away in 1487 at the age of 68 at Uto Jampa Ling. During the cremation of his body his heart and tongue did not burn. His skull also remained intact producing many relics.  His heart and tongue were enshrined in an image of Guhyasamaja, a quarter of an arm’s length in height, which was always carried on the monastery’s journey. The skull was kept at Lhatse Gonsar. It was two years after his death before teaching was resumed. Gyuchen Lhawang Rinchen became his successor, continued his teaching tradition and remained at the head of the monastery for twelve years. Since then the tradition has been maintained without interruption by one hundred and twenty abbots up to the present abbot, Geshe Tenzin Sherab.

From the fifteenth Ganden Throne Holder, the great master Sonam Dragpa, up to the ninety-seventh Ganden Throne Holder, Kyabje Yongzin Ling Rinpoche, senior tutor to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, thirty-three of these successors to Tsongkhapa’s throne have been abbots from Gyuto Tantric Monastery. The monastery has also produced countless other outstanding figures and high ranking scholars, like a range of golden peaks, who have preserved and propagated the esoteric teachings of the Buddha for the happiness and good of all living beings. <<Prev      Next>> 

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