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Ramoche Temple

Ramoche Temple During this period, while he was teaching at Chuda temple, Lhasa was threatened by an unprecedented flood because the Brahmaputra was overflowing its banks. The government of Tibet sent a messenger arrived just as he was teaching a passage from the Guhyasamaja Tantra containing the words “place on the water”. He thought it was auspicious to go and help the people of Lhasa at once.

recuperare col trading He sailed on the water simply by sitting on his monk’s mat and performed a number of rituals which prevented Lhasa from being engulfed. As a reward for his miraculous actions the Tibetan Government offered him the temple of Ramoche constructed by Winshan Kongjo, the Chinese queen of King Srongtsen Gampo, in which brought from Nepal by King Srongtsen Gampo’s Nepalese queen Bhrikuti. From then on Gyuto Tantric Monastery was based in this temple.

Later certain Government officials alleged that only the statue not the temple itself had been presented to him. When this allegation was made Jetsun Kunga Dondrup prayed to the image of the Buddha and also requested the four directional protectors at the entrance gate to accompany him to Uto Jampa Ling. The statue of Vaishravana began to lead the way and the others to follow. The image of the Buddha was rising from its pedestal when the government hastily declared that the temple could be used by him for his monastery.  Until the recent destruction of the statue, there was a gap large enough to pass one’s hand through at the back between the base and the image. Thereafter Gyuto Monastery was permanently established in that place and an annual rent of twenty silver coins was paid to the Government. 

Jetsun Kunga Dondrub wrote a great commentary consisting of around three hundred folios elucidating both the Guhyasamaja Tantra and the great Indian master Chandrkirti’s commentary on it.  This Precious Treasury of Instructions (man ngag rin chen gter mdzod) is now the basic text for Gyuto’s course of studies. He also wrote works on the secret mantra stages of generation and stages of completion.  An autobiography and other works which he wrote are at present not available since they could not be brought out of Tibet when the monks fled into exile.

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