Venerable Khensur Lobsang Dorjee Rinpoche

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Venerable Khensur Lobsang Dorjee Rinpoche, a former Abbot of Gyuto Tantric Monastery, was born in 1937 in the southwest region of Eastern Tibet. When he was seven years of age he came to Lhasa, the Capital of Tibet and enrolled in Drepung Loseling Monastery to study Buddhist philosophy and there he received novice monk's vows from Gyepa Khensur Rinpoche [the former Abbot of Drepung Loseling monastery]. With several different spiritual guides, such as  Sharchoe Tara Rinpoche and the former Abbot of Drepung Loseling Khensur Yeshe Thupten and many other renowned scholars he studied and practiced all the subjects of the monastic curriculum, from Introductory Logic (Du-ra) up to the Perfection of Wisdom (Prajñaparamita).

köpa Viagra i sverige In the Drepung Loseling Monastery, he completed his exhaustive studies of  textual traditions, with many spiritual teachers such as the former Loseling Abbot Pema Gyaltsen Rinpoche, Gyarong Khensur Rinpoche, and the Great Abbot of Shakor, Nyima Gyaltsen. Then, from the Ganden Throne-holder, the former Ling Rinpoche senior tuture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama he received the full ordinations of a Buddhist monk. In 1969, when he was thirty-three years old, he went to south India. In 1980, he began his Gelug examinations. After two years he took the second-year exam for the Karam degree, after two more years the Lopen (acharya), and after three, the exam for the Lharam (highest) degree. In all three he finished at the top of his class. With His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the two Holinesses [Ling Rinpoche and Tri-jhang Rinpoche] primarily, and also with many lamas and tulkus of various lineages, he received in their entirety the empowerments, transitions, and deep explanations of Sutra and Tantra.

donchian channel indicator forex factory In 1984, in the course of his Lharam studies he accepted the responsibility of being a spiritual master (Geshe) at the great secret Vajrayana college of Gyuto, at their insistence. In 1993 he accepted the job of Disciplinarian (Geko) and was universally acclaimed for his strict maintenance of the rules and customs of Gyuto Monastery. In 1996 H.H. the Dalai Lama appointed him as the Lama Umzey (Deputy Abbot) of Gyuto Tantric Monastery, followed by another3-years as the Abbot in the lineage, and Venerable Lobsang Dorjee Rinpoche accepted as his personal responsibility the Tantric practices and traditions of the lineage.

sonia salerno opzioni binarie In 2003 and 2005, the Gyuto Vajrayana Center in San Jose, California and the Gyuto Wheel of Dharma Monastery in Minneapolis, MN were fortunate to be able to host Ven. Lobsang Dorjee Rinpoche and receive many teachings and blessings from him. He has also taught in University of Virginia, USA and University of Venice, Italy as a visiting professor. He was the Chief Consultant of the Editorial Board for Translating Lam Rim Chen-mo of Je Tsongkhapa into English at Buddhist Learning Center, New Jersey, USA. He has authored a few books and articles in many journals.

Currently Venerable Lobsang Dorjee Rinpoche resides in southern India at the Drepung Loseling Monastery and gives regular teachings of Buddhist philosophies to the hundreds of resident monks.

We wish Venerable Lobsang Dorjee Rinpoche a long life filled with good health so that we may continue to benefit from his teachings and wisdom.

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